A Door in Amsterdam


This door is in Amsterdam, the country best known for weed, windmills, dikes, bikes, wooden shoes, red light district, canals, etc. (not necessarily in this order).  The photo looks like I was photographing a parking spot for bicycles near the black door but strangely there are sticker signs in the windows that appear to say “no bikes”.

The next photo shows 3 modern storefront doors, complete with, using a euphemistic term, a “door-person” greeter.  These door-person greeters were shy in that they didn’t want to pose for photos so I took a landscape shot, trying to focus on the floral planter in the foreground and happened to catch a door-person greeter in the photo (just a note, my wife was with me so there is no backstory here).  Must say though, Amsterdam was an interesting city to visit.


Thanks for visiting my blog and thanks to Norm 2.0 for his Thursday Doors blog.  For more blogs and photos of doors by others please go to: Thursday Doors


10 thoughts on “A Door in Amsterdam

  1. Love the black door and the windows, too. Interesting term, ‘door-person greeter’. Images of hotel porters in mankinis are now floating around my head – but not in a good way, lol.


  2. What I remember the most about my single day in Amsterdam many years ago, was walking along one of the canals and seeing 2 naked women waving cheerily at us from the 2nd floor of a building across the water. The building had no external wall and I was looking directly into a bedroom.
    I was with my mother visiting relatives at that time and she couldn’t scurry me away fast enough 🙂

    Yes, I couldn’t agree more … Amsterdam is a very interesting city to visit 😉

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  3. Those Red lamps over the door are a sure sign of where you were if the window greeter wasn’t enough! I’ve heard about this district my whole life, but haven’t yet experienced the wonders of the Netherlands. It’s on my bucket list. Too many places I’d love to visit, and so little money and time!


    1. Thanks; too bad it was during the day, not as crowded or action and the lights were off (I imagine it would lit up like Las Vegas’ Strip). The money part is always difficult but you find a way (tours are good but sometimes expensive). Time is a fleeting commodity so you have to find the time as soon as possible but you are an adventurous person and seem to go out photographing everywhere; I’m laid back and often lazy so I’ll have to start heeding my own advice.

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  4. Years ago, in the seventies, I was in Europe and did visit that area out of curiosity. As I recall, the prettier the women, the more clothes and the opposite as well. They sat in windows and read or knitted or other time-killers. It was very odd and, from my point of view, sad.


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