More About the Shuangdong Historical Ancient Street District in Yangzhou

The doors I’m posting today is still from our visit to the City or Village of Yangzhou.  When we arrived and checked into our hotel we sought out the Shuangdong Historical Ancient Street District to visit because most tourists tour this street to see how the buildings were constructed and what life should look like in the past except that most of the occupants now are store merchants selling their custom artwork, souvenirs, street food and small restaurants.

The first sight of the “doors” began in the first photo.


You ask, where are the doors?  The decorative door panels leaning against the wall are not for sale or being discarded.  The store on the other side of the wall shows a wide opening and most do not have glass storefronts or walls with windows so at the end of a workday or night the merchants place the panels across the openings and lock them into place.


These stores have less glamorous door planks and they are tied together with cord when stored.   If you look closely at the door threshold to the left you can see a slot where the panels are inserted.


More door planks; if you didn’t pay attention you might think they were storing building materials to do some renovation work.


This photo shows a closed storefront with the door panels in place and locked and some other merchants next door are just storing their panels in front of it (notice that these panels show dowels at the top which are placed into the slots of the door headers.

I have more photos of doors and stores on this street and I’ll show them in future blogs but I hope this brings a little of what China was like to you if you do not have the opportunity to visit that country.

Thanks for visiting my blog and thanks to Norm 2.0 for his Thursday Doors blog.  For more blogs and photos of doors by others please go to: Thursday Doors.



11 thoughts on “More About the Shuangdong Historical Ancient Street District in Yangzhou

  1. Is this Guang Zhou where the huge open air market is (I often misspell the Chinese names)? The only place where there was home made ice cream with several flavors. Since it was over 90 degr. F. it was a welcome treat:)Yes, what they’ve done here at your photo looks familiar!
    When our son was teaching in Nanchang (12 hrs. W. of Shanghai) we traveled to 4 cities, one of them was Guang Zhou.


    1. Thanks Deborah! You might have been out of town or on one of your awesome photo expeditions! Yesterday was just so awesome and certainly will do again now that I know what expect. Thanks so much for guiding us (to that American Bitteren – won’t ever forget that backstory) to the Wildlife Preserves.

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