Enticing Doors

It seems like it was a such long time ago that we visited Cannes, France but looking at my archived photos, because I didn’t have a current shot that I wanted to post this week, I was reminded that it was just last year that we were there.

I found some restaurant doors in the alleyways and streets of the Old Town area; they seem to be very picturesque and reasoning suggests that it must be an ancient marketing tool where, if you have interesting doors people will stop to look at them, take a peek inside, smell the aroma of their cooking specialties and then you’re hooked on staying for lunch or dinner.  Don’t know if the marketing theory is true but there were sure a lot of people having dinners and drinks at those restaurants.

The first door was taken during our first walk-through the Old Town area during the day and the mural painting of the flowers, window, and guy and his cow looked realistic; the restaurant was closed at this time.


The second photo was also taken during the same day (hence no people doing photo bombs while I was shooting).


The third photo was taken a short walk near the Old Town area where people have a view of the Marina during the dinner hour.  As we walked by we could see the diners were enjoying themselves.


We walked past these 2 guys and stared (politely) at their dinner and vowed we’ll be back and the next evening we returned and ordered that platter of seafood (shared by 3 of us).  It was delicious!  If we ever go back to Cannes I’m going to look for this place again.


So, go to Cannes if you can to get enticed by their fantastic doors (the food and scenery come with the enticements).

Thanks for visiting my blog and thanks to Norm 2.0 for his Thursday Doors blog.  For more blogs and photos of doors by others please go to: Thursday Doors.


20 thoughts on “Enticing Doors

  1. great doors – and I can see why you stared (politely) at that food – oh my! what a platter and glad yours was good. We did this our first time at a local Mexican place we like to frequent- the first time in we were staring at the huge stone dishes they served with the table side guacamole – mmm – they have since gone to using plastic, but back in the day those large stone mortar serving things were fun (and huge).
    anyhow, Cannes looks amazing – happy Thursday

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      1. Oh well said – and you know – even beyond the food – the two guys photo is a very special image. The friendship – the hat! – the mood – the table – gosh – I love street shots of people and this is top photo for me this year – just wanted to share that – have a great day

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    1. Thanks Deborah. You’ll get to check off your bucket list items one of these days and when you get to see these places you will be so happy and your camera will make magical images. The seafood platter was huge; a bit pricey but split 3 ways and doing it for a lifetime experience made it priceless.

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  2. So often I’m inspired as to what to eat by watching what other people order. Can you imagine if you WEREN’T expecting that monster platter to arrive?!!

    I really liked the first door with the mural. I love those little trompe d’oeil 🙂

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  3. I like this theory about luring customers in with a good-looking door. It’s all part of the first impression, right?
    At first glance, I did think the flowers in that first photo were real. It was only after you said it was painted on that I had a closer look and realised they weren’t real flowers.


    1. Well, Norm lured us in with his awesome Thursday Door posts and I think many of us are getting addicted to looking at doors if we weren’t already looking. The mural painting of the flowers and windows are pretty cool. The next night we passed that restaurant I saw the barker (or waiter) trying to entice dinner patrons and he looked similar to the guy in the mural painting (I asked him if it was him in the painting but he said no; maybe I should have included his photo for others to judge). Thanks for visiting again.

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