Doors at Wilder Ranch State Park

Back from a short blogging absence; my computer crashed the other week and then we ventured to the Eastern Sierras to capture the fall colors a couple of weekends ago so I didn’t get to post any doors for the past 2 weeks.

Earlier this month I joined some photographers to participate in Scott Kelby’s Annual Worldwide Photo walk.  This was my first Kelby photo walk; Deborah asked me to join in so it was a fun day getting some exercise and photography.  Our destination was the coastal Wilder Ranch State Park where there are historic buildings from this former dairy ranch and coastal trails.  The history of this ranch can be read from the information at the following link:


The museum’s office included a welcoming committee through an open door; they seemed a little stiff but I guess you get that way when you’re a cardboard cutout.


I imagine door to door salesmen might have had a tough job in the 1800s; the long walkway to the porch would give the residents enough time to make a get away through the back door when they see you coming.


Who would have thought, Victorian style barns


Stable doors, an ancient chair and antlers





And the back doors from the house (the gray things under the roof eaves are empty mud bird nests)


I think I filled my door quota this week after missing posts for the past 2 weeks.

Thanks for visiting my blog and thanks to Norm 2.0 for his Thursday Doors blog.  For more blogs and photos of doors by others please go to: Thursday Doors.


17 thoughts on “Doors at Wilder Ranch State Park

    1. Thanks Janet! The Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk is an annual event; I saw it advertised on the internet before but Deborah, a repeat participant, suggested that I join her team so I did with my wife and 2 other friends. Look for it next year; they award prizes for the best photo (you can only submit 1 photo from the walk). However, if you want to come to the SF Bay Area we would welcome you to participate.


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