One Door and the Outdoors

This week I’m posting one official door and the “out”doors which only qualify for Norm’s Thursday Doors by nomenclature only.

A couple of weeks ago, we made our way eastward from the California coast to the Sierras to see what Mother Nature planned for this year’s Autumn colors.  Deborah and another photographer friend joined my wife and me in carpooling to our destination to Mammoth Lakes, CA.  The extra company was nice and we all had a great time during the drive.  We arrived at our destination by late afternoon and after checking into our motels Deborah guided us to Minaret Vista Lookout to catch the sunset; a welcome sight after 6 hours on the road.


The next day was a busy day getting up at 4:30 a.m. to pick up passengers along the way to get to Mono Lake by 6:15 a.m. to shoot the sunrise and then trying to caravan 6 cars in the dusty off-roads of the Eastern Sierras with our guide literally leaving us in the dust.  After getting lost we caught up and re-grouped at a hidden valley in the Green Creek Canyon area.


Moving on, we had a quick-lunch and headed to the Bishop Creek area to shoot the Misty Falls which Deborah featured in her post a couple of weeks ago.  I shot the falls like she did and headed back to our car to prepare to head for the next destination.  Along the way, we passed this porch, with the Door, that begged to be viewed and photographed.  If we had the time I would not have objected to sitting on the wooden chairs looking for wildlife but time waits for no one so we had to rush to the next destination before sunset.


Before reaching the final destination for the day we stopped at the North Lake and took a few shots of the lake and foliage while the afternoon sun blazed brightly.


The next morning had us on the road by 5:00 a.m. to capture the sunrise at Conway Summit.  If you select the right morning for the sunrise you will not be disappointed at this location


The next destination was Lundy Lake; the sun was already up creating some harsh light but we were able get some decent shots before taking a breakfast break, then ending the trip and heading home.



Hope your Autumn colors were awesome where you were and I hope you enjoyed seeing a few images of what we saw “out”doors.

Thanks for visiting my blog and thanks to Norm 2.0 for his Thursday Doors blog.  For more blogs and photos of doors by others please go to: Thursday Doors.  (If you need a good explanation of what Norm’s Thursday Doors blog is about visit Dan Antion’s blog, he explains the blue frog button as well as anyone).


31 thoughts on “One Door and the Outdoors

  1. I love your sunset from Mineret lookout! The trees in solve are gorgeous against that beautiful sky. What a great night to there.

    I love the way you “see”. Every composition is lovely. You made so man beautiful images that captured the autumn colors wonderfully.

    I laughed out loud reading how we were left in the dust. What was he thinking? I still wonder.

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  2. All your photos are wonderful, but the last three are stunning -what a beauty! Since I’m a night own, I cringe at the hours you start your day!
    Places like this we ran to, whenever possible when we were living in the L.A. -basin!

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  3. Wow – I was exhausted by your itinerary just reading about the trip. Clearly the photos were worth the effort!
    My favourite is the reflection of the mountains in the water. Always a winner and this one is no exception. Again – wow!

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  4. Fantastic set of photos, Gordon. The one from Minaret Vista Lookout is stunning! Such beautiful colors and balance. The door and porch make me want to sit a while also. Your descriptions are awesome.


  5. I’m playing around with watercolors these days and would love to use a few of these photos as reference for paintings, especially the sunset. Based on past experiments with watercolors they may never be displayed publicly, but I wanted to ask permission to paint just in case I can get one or more of them right. Lovely places and fantastic photographs.


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