What Happens in Las Vegas…

The Las Vegas mantra, What Happens in Las Vegas Stays in Las Vegas, not!  I was in Las Vegas last weekend to attend a reunion of high school peers and had a good time but I was able to bring a few door photos out with me so I might just have messed up that mantra.  Of course, if you’re speaking about gambling and losing money, the mantra might be true.

I stayed in the old downtown area where a casino owner realized long ago that he could market junket trips to Hawaii residents; Hawaii has never allowed legal gambling in the state so the residents have to take a long vacation trip to Las Vegas to scratch their gambling itch and the casino owner decided to make the Hawaii residents at home by serving them local style food and catering to their local culture.  In years past, the downtown area has seen its aura tarnish but a redevelopment effort began several years ago and the area has seen some revitalization of new shopping centers, remodeled hotel/casinos and new restaurants.

I’ll display a few photos now and post the rest in a later blog.

The photo below is of the Mob Museum.  I saw this building last year but never explored it; I got closer this time but still have not entered it to see what artifacts are on display (maybe a horse’s head?).


The entrance has a nice door but I’m not sure what mobsters favor as their doors of choice.


I ventured across the street and found a new restaurant which I’ll have to try some other time.


And a short walk up the street, I came across an old Pawn Shop (I’m not sure if this was the Pawn Shop on reality T.V.; I think might be the one), and other restaurants and bars.


The trip was fun and although I left some money on the table I didn’t have to pawn anything to get back home.

Thanks for visiting my blog and thanks to Norm 2.0 for his Thursday Doors blog.  For more blogs and photos of doors by others please go to: Thursday Doors.


16 thoughts on “What Happens in Las Vegas…

    1. Thanks Joey; the doors that I have yet to post might be a bit more interesting next time. TMM; yeah, who woulda thot that they have a museum for that. The backstory, I was a few bucks up until Saturday night then the luck ran out and I started losing all day Sunday. I was at the crap table Sunday evening down to my last $11 in chips and not wanting to pull out more cash to continue playing and then an older gent brought the energy back to the table and we started winning again (the guy next to me held the dice for what seemed like an hour and most of the dealer’s chips were paid out). Made back some of my losses but didn’t have to pawn off anything and had a great 5 hour exciting game for the trip.

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  1. Love the Renaissance look of the Mob Museum. Have never been to a high school reunion, because we have been so much in and out of the country. Have only been to Las Vegas, taking drive by shots, when on tour to Utah:)

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  2. The Mob Museum is fabulous! You can either take a self-guided tour or a guided tour. Plan to allow several hours. My husband and I actually ate at that little cafe and it was good… Mostly sandwiches. Also, if you haven’t been already, check out the Neon Museum. It is where the old neon signs are stored. Lots of history and great photo ops.

    I don’t go to LV often (I’m not interested in gambling), but we attended the Viva Las Vegas rockabilly convention last April, which is when we went to both museums. Funny, I did a post about our trip using the same headline… great minds!

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