Rothenburg (Part 2)

Since I hadn’t prepared for a life of door blogging in 2013 my door shots were not planned and sometimes limited in scope.  While in Rothenburg the other sights were interesting so I didn’t capture too many door photos and the village scenes were full of wandering tourists looking at the sights, shops and food.

So I’m just going to post a few more shots taken from the wall and a few random building shots to give you an idea of what this quaint city is like.

As I mentioned in last week’s post, the wall had a mezzanine level where the defensive positions could be taken by walking along the interior wall and looking at the city you get a bird’s-eye view.  This bird was viewing me take its photo (can’t get any more bird’s-eye than that!).


Another rooftop view of the city with high-pitched red roofs and towers.


This photo may not qualify as a door; more like a window but it had hinges and a great weathered look.


Another shot of double weathered, wooden windows.


The next shot has a door, it looks like a garage door because the entrance is on the side.


This photo, I learned, was at a very popular tourist location because of the scenic image and if you look closely at the roof to the right of the tower in the background you will see that the rooftop windows look like eyes.


The last photo of this post is just a building with a mural on it; I must have thought it was cool then and I think it is still cool now to end this tour of Rothenburg.  Hope you get a chance to visit this place in your travels.


Thanks for visiting my blog and thanks to Norm 2.0 for his Thursday Doors blog.  For more blogs and photos of doors by others please go to: Thursday Doors.


18 thoughts on “Rothenburg (Part 2)

  1. Oh oh oh! I love these photos! I love these buildings! I have to tell myself they’re drafty and they smell funny, because envy is a deadly sin, and I love these buildings SO HARD! Thanks for sharing the joy. 🙂

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  2. I love the architecture here! It’s a mix of Tudor/Provencal France/Fairy tale land.

    In Didan, France I was on the Brittany Wall which is like this wall you were on. The views were amazing, as was the history. There’s also a walking wall up a couple of stories on Mt. St. Michel that I was walked as well. The history and architecture in Europe is lovely.

    Those windows are neat, and I loved the blue garage door with the yellow painted building.

    Thanks for sharing and jogging my memory of the Brittany wall!

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    1. Thanks Deborah! I didn’t know France had the Brittany Wall; if I get back there it would be something I would look for. Rothenburg did remind me Disneyland and I’m glad you mentioned it cause I didn’t mention it. While it is a tourist spot they kept the cobble stone streets very clean and they cover their construction projects with tarps and a painting of the building so you would think there is a building there instead of a construction site.

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  3. J’adore Rothenburg! When I lived in Germany many years ago – we would visit there at least twice a year. Always in the fall or near Christmas to wonder through the Christmas store that was there – did you happen to see it?



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