Strasbourg, France is one of the beautiful cities that you should consider a destination to visit if have the opportunity.  While we traveled through Heidelberg, Germany in 2013 our BnB Host recommended that we take a day trip to Strasbourg (they also mentioned it was called Le Petite France and I recalled the region, Alsace-Lorraine for the wine from my still functioning brain cells).  Since many people might have already visited that city I won’t attempt to post any history about it and rather just provide a link that can give you the correct facts (no alternative facts, here!):

If you’re into photography, this is the place to visit.  If you’re into doors, this is the place to visit.  If you’re into eating, this is the place to visit.  So, if you haven’t caught the hint yet, visit this place!

We drove there from Heidelberg (I drove) and we parked near some bus or train station and wandered around asking for directions and finally a nice person told us to walk through several blocks turning here and there.  Fortunately, I usually remember my directions and specific shops or landmarks so we can find our way back to the car (if I let my wife and her sister handle this task we’d still be searching for the car 3 years later).

One marker was this 1st photo I took before we entered that city center.  That was the beginning of the sights we found.


Walking through the quaint Le Petite France, you encounter many tourists but that’s expected.  Many German / French style buildings and the river scenes, all well landscaped (I took photos of their old drawbridge that moved sideways to let boats pass rather than moving up and down but I’m not posting it here).


Here’s the start of the qualifying photo that makes it eligible for Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors blog; Norm is like Jonny Appleseed, he placed the door blog seed and it grew and got us unsuspecting door freaks afficiandos to start planting our door blogs on his site.  This photo has a louver balcony door and window coverings with hinges (we also call them “window” doors).


An interesting old door.


Here’s several doors in one shot!


We found the Gothic Cathedral Notre-Dame, here too.


If I run out of door photos again, I’ll have to review my photos from this place to find something to post; reviewing them brings back memories and I wouldn’t mind a return visit.

Thanks for visiting my blog and thanks to Norm 2.0 for his Thursday Doors blog.  For more blogs and photos of doors by others please go to: Thursday Doors.


26 thoughts on “Strasbourg

    1. Thank you Norm! The Cathedrals in Europe are very beautiful and it was impressive how they built them with the technology and architectural/engineering disciplines of their time. I got to go inside this one and it was spectacular from the inside too.


    1. Thank you, Sherry! We were very glad our BnB hosts recommended this day trip to us. It was not on our original radar but we were flexible and found some beautiful places to visit. Wish I had more time to shoot but when you’re traveling with family you have to see, compose and shoot quickly to move on.

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    1. Thank you, Joey. It’s a good thing that we have photos to jog our memories of some great places we were fortunate to visit. When I review archieve photos I can almost recall exactly where I shot it and I’m happy to share sights that I have seen. As I hinted, that’s a great place to visit!

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  1. Looks like an amazing place to wander around and take photos! (Maybe not wandering around looking for your car for 3 years, but seems like you had that covered)

    I also like your Jonny Appleseed analogy – very accurate 😉

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  2. We visited Strasbourg many years ago on our first trip to Europe. It was towards the end of our trip and even though I was irrevocably in love with Paris, I thought Strasbourg was the quinessential storybook town. It was simply lovely. Unfortunately it was back in the day of film in cameras and we lost 2 rolls of film before we got home – including all of Strasbourg.
    Thank you for the trip down memory lane. I recognized the scene in the 2nd photo and that magnificent cathedral. We stayed at a tiny hotel just down the street from the cathedral and I didn’t think it was quite so magnificent during the night when the bells would reliably ring out the time 😉

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    1. Thanks, Deborah! I’ve actually been using that image as a wallpaper on my laptop for several years now. Strasbourg is a lovely place, right on the border between Germany and France. Didn’t know what to expect when we drove there but when you see the place your photographer instincts kick in (compositions everywhere). I wish I had more time there or maybe a chance to return again. Hope you get to visit there someday, you will absolutely enjoy it!

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  3. Just saw your “like” Sure hope you’re having better weather than we have! Wednesday and Thursday night it will go to zero at night! Today we had hail and lightening – … in California! Strassbourg – always wanted to visit, but never got to it. Love cobblestones. And it seems the same as in Holland in the smaller towns the street with all the stores leads up to the church!
    Anyways, have a great time:)

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    1. Thanks Jesh; just got back from Yosemite late last night. Chasing the Horsetail Falls and we finally saw it and now I am trying to process my photos. It was cold there too and we had to wait outdoors to save our spots to shoot the event. I am now behind in door postings but hope to get a post up next week.


  4. Stumbled onto your site via another site on doors. Very nice. These doors – passages – très intéressant.

    I was lucky enough to live in Germany twice in my 20’s – these are/were some of the best years of my life. Germany is just gorgoeus – we often visited Heidelberg – do they still do the lighting of the castle at night ?

    Looking forward to retirement myself – trying to balance the days until I get there.

    Looking forward to reading more of your blog.



    1. Thank you, Suz! I’m glad you found my site and found it interesting. Our last visit to Germany was in 2014 (I hope the year is correct as we have been traveling often and the years are starting to blur). I recall our evening walk in the Heidelberg town and I saw the castle lights but after a beer and a long day some memories get fuzzy 🙂 It was a fun destination!

      Retirement is good and you should look forward to it! Thanks again for following my blogs; this year has been busy so I’m trying to keep up with the posts but I’m way behind in reading posts from those that I follow.


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