I’ve been missing in action since last month; I had to detour from my posts because of a planned trip to Hawaii (home) for 10 days.  During that visit, I managed a doorscursion and found some doors to post when we returned home (mainland) but had to a detour from posting last week.

In Hawaii, the wife and her sister discussed following their dream to visit some northern destination in search of seeing and photographing the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights and I was given a choice to go with them or stay home and watch the teenage nephew.  Well, I also wanted to photograph the northern lights (I like the nephew but if given a choice I’d rather watch the northern lights) but it was last-minute planning that got me concerned.  So I did some quick research while still in Hawaii and suggested Jasper National Park in Alberta, Canada might be the location to go to.  So the wife and her sister planned the flight and accommodations which was not easy when made at the last minute.  The schedule planned meant we leave for Alberta a day after flying home from Hawaii.  After making the arrangements, the SIL checked for northern lights viewing and concluded that our chances of seeing it this late in the season might be 20% so we decided to detour from that plan and canceled that Alberta trip.

Returning home, I started to prepare for last week’s Thursday Doors post but got detoured again.  The wife and SIL decided that all the discussion about Yosemite National Park’s once a year, Horsetail Falls fire fall event, was a must see since the snow and rain made all of the waterfalls flow to capacity and people like Deborah Zajac were posting awesome shots of what they were able to capture.  I was again given the choice of follow along or watch the nephew.  My wife and SIL are known (they admit it) for their poor sense of direction and often are challenged to find the car after parking in a shopping center lot while shopping so my visions of these two getting lost in the mountains snapped some sense into me that I must go with them (photographing this elusive event wasn’t a part of this decision).  The nephew’s plans of spending the snow week vacation with friends tanked so he reluctantly agreed to go with us.

We checked the road conditions and the SIL said, her iPhone maps showed roads were clear going on Hwy 122 to the northern gate of Yosemite so off we went.  About a an hour or so from reaching our destination I noticed signs saying no access to Yosemite from Hwy 122; I wasn’t sure if that’s what I really saw until I saw the second warning sign and saw a Highway Patrol car and the officer confirmed the closure and advised us to detour which would take us several hours to reach the Mariposa gate in the southern end of the park.  So we detoured back but within 10 minutes we came across a sign to route 49 to Mariposa.  After checking the GPS it looked like this detour would get us there faster but there weren’t many cars on this route and some sparse ranches far and few between so it was a bit uncomfortable until we came upon civilization again.  We found a small town called Coulterville and saw the U.S. Post Office so this meant this town was real.  The postal worker confirmed our route and told us the roads were clear on this route.

Coulterville was a great detour find; that’s where I shot some of the old buildings and their doors.  I’m just posting a couple of photos now and will save the others for another time.

This is the Post Office, validation that this town is real.


This was an old building that used to be a Bed & Breakfast Inn


The door and porch of the Bed & Breakfast Inn in close up cropped image


And this is the result of the detour(s) which I give Deborah credit for inspiring me.


Until the next detour.  Thanks for visiting my blog and thanks to Norm 2.0 for his Thursday Doors blog.  For more blogs and photos of doors by others please go to: Thursday Doors.


23 thoughts on “Detours

  1. I have never been able to catch the northern lights. Is like the north says, “Shhh, not now, Joey’s here.” I would pretty much abandon anyone and anything to catch them!
    Great doors and storefronts, charming small town feeling 🙂

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    1. Thanks Deborah. Accidental find to get our bearings; from Route 122 take the turnoff to Mariposa (Route 49) and Coulterville is somewhere between before reaching Route 140. Charming place for photography. Someday, one of these detours will land me in a northern location to see the Northern Lights.

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      1. I found Le Grand that way once on the way to Yosemite. I missed SR59 so Randy my then GPS rerouted me through that little town. It’s really cute, and it’s been on my bucket list to go back for a photowalk.

        I hope on the trip with you guys when you detour and see the Northern Lights.

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      1. Not a problem, I was just editing this post this afternoon while having coffee at SB and using the cellphone is not a good way to write or edit blogs. I have all my photos on my computer and selected ones on Flickr.


  2. Great find off the beaten path. Those are always the most fun discoveries.
    I’ve caught glimpses of the Northern Lights as far south as an hour north of Montreal. You have to go much further north at the right time of year to get the full show. Perhaps I’ll photograph it one day myself.

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  3. You’ve done some serious detouring in the past month 🙂

    I thought you might be interested in the Northern Lights photographed by a blogger I follow. He is currently working in Northern Ontario.

    This is another blogger I follow. His photos are from Alaska.

    I’ve been lucky to have seen Northern Lights, but nothing like this! Enjoy 🙂


    1. Thank you Joanne! Lovely photos and I’d better not share them with my wife and SIL or I’ll be on another detour. We were in Alaska last year but too early (by 2 months) as we had to deal with the midnight sun (22 hours of daylight); when we got to the Artic Circle, it was 80+ degrees and only dirt, rocks and weeds around.


  4. The Northern Lights do show up even in southern Alberta and Saskatchewan occasionally, where I’ve seen them. However, I’d advise you to “Go north young man,” for a better chance to see them in the NWT or Yukon or Alaska, or if you travel over the pond, go to Norway.


    1. Thanks, we’ve been to Alaska and Norway but during the summer months so no chance seeing the northern lights at that time. Also thanks for considering me “young”; I’ve been retired almost 4 years now and might be older than what you think.


  5. We have passed Coulterville, when on the 49 (from Oakhurst on N.), It is stunningly beautiful there, but stil a long way from Yosemite! Sorry you got detoured so many times!! I would not have taken it this friendly:) Yosemite is familiar ground, since we went for about 18 years on vacation there Hubby hiking and I painting.
    Sorry, so late, because I knew you were away, I didn’t think you would post:)

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