Nyhavn, Copenhagen

We rented an apartment in the Nyhavn district of Copenhagen but I must confess, we were only looking at proximity distances to some tourist sites to make our decision of where to stay.  We didn’t know anything about the Nyhavn district when we got there.

When the taxi driver dropped us off, the location seemed nice and safe so this was home for the next several days.  Although tired from traveling  for at least 16 hours including crossing a few time zones my sister-in-law and I decided to check out the neighborhood while my wife and nephew stayed back to relax and rest.

Looking down the block we saw water and a cruise boat moored to the dock so that looked like the thing to check out.  We found out the promenade walkway along the water was very expansive and there were housing or commercial buildings all around us.

I stood near the water’s edge to shoot this image of the building a block away from where we were staying to capture the interesting sidewalk tiles.  The building’s architecture seems to be typical of what we saw in Copenhagen and our host mentioned that most building exteriors are retained while the owners just do interior remodeling.


We strolled down to the end of the promenade and discovered the canal lined with colorful restaurants and outside dining tables on one side and apartments and other commercial buildings across from them.  We thought the restaurant buildings looked remarkably like what we saw in Amsterdam and Bergen, Norway when we visited in 2012.

The first photo below is a bridge crossing and many love locks like what you find in other cities and countries.


Second photo was a panoramic shot of the docked boats and the bridge I was standing on.

P6290083 Nyhavn Canal Pano

Third photo shows the bikes parked on the canal promenade.  We learned quickly, that bikers have the right of way, especially in their bike paths, so pedestrians beware cause you’re low on the “food chain”.


Bar counters are also placed outside for those wishing to sit, drink, eat and watch people.


These two ladies seemed to be enjoying a talk, drink, snack and the environment while a canal cruise boat passes by.  Notice the odd decoration on the wall of the building across the canal.


On closer look, this is what the odd decoration was on that building – used life vests!


And, to ensure this blog has some doors here are a couple of doors from the restaurants along the canal.


Hope you enjoyed seeing some of the canal scenery we first encountered; I’ll post more images of what I saw in Copenhagen in the coming weeks.  Thanks for visiting my blog and thanks to Norm 2.0 for his creation of the Thursday Doors blog.  For more blogs and photos of doors by others please go to: Thursday Doors.


19 thoughts on “Nyhavn, Copenhagen

    1. Thanks, yes there was a nice bar inside and outdoor tables under the umbrellas. It rained off and on and when the weather cleared it got crowded but it was a vibrant crowd. Also, 2/3 of our tour comprised of Aussies so it was nice traveling with them.


  1. Those colorful buildings are beautiful along the canal.

    It looks like you found a new art exhibit there with the life-jackets. I think that recently debuted.

    I hope you took some time to sit in one of the sidewalk cafes to people watch.

    Looking forward to seeing more through viewfinder and reading the tales.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Finally am taking some time to see your Kopenhagen pics! You have discovered that quickly, the same in Holland, bikes rule:) No 16th century fronts of houses, but the atmosphere is very much like Holl. Love your pics!
    Heard you guys are trying to get up to P. Am excited but don’t feel bad, if it’s a week or more later – it’s still hot here – today (July 30) 97 (even at 3000 feet).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Jesh! I know the inland communities are experiencing a heat wave; our Indian summer has not arrived yet (usually Sept. or Oct.) and our heater kicks on in the morning and we’re covered in fog; although today the sun came out a bit. Looking forward to meeting you; I was hoping to see my friend in P too but she hasn’t responded so I’m going to miss her. If you know of any locations in that area to shoot the rising moon and would like to share with us that would help to complete another objective of the trip.
      See you soon.


      1. On the eleventh hour, I have know idea – asked Jacob-hubby too, but he doesn’t know any moon rise areas either. Had the clever idea if maybe you could ask your friend who lives in our area, but I just read here, that you weren’t able to contact her. Do what’s best for you – if you like to wait for your friend – I don’t mind to change the weekend dates. I’ll email B that I wrote you.

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  3. It looks like you were blessed with beautiful weather!
    We loved Copenhagen and barely scratched the surface on things to see and do. The lifejacket building is definitely one of the most different – I wish we had seen it too 🙂

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  4. Thank you, Joanne! We had our share of inclement weather but the clouds (puffy whites and dark rain) added that special touch to some photos. The second day there, we walked to find the hotel we would meet our tour at and it was midway to the Little Mermaid statue so we continued to the statue after stopping at the hotel but we walked in a light rain and got a bit soggy when we returned to the apartment. But we go to experience what the residents of these countries experience so that’s part of the journey. I would go back there again!


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