Random Doors from Copenhagen

Just posting some random doors images taken from doorscurions on our first and second days in Copenhagen for today’s post.

The first image is of the front door of our apartment building with a convenient bicycle to compliment the photo.


Similar architectural styles in building with door entries at the corner of buildings and many windows.

Arches rule the day as do the bicycles in Copenhagen



Another restaurant door from the Nyhavn Canal area with a golden mermaid overlooking the door.


On the morning of the second day there we decided to search for our hotel where we would join our tour which was a short distance from our apartment; along the way we passed this store and I liked the dragon sculpture over the door.


A few doors away, this door was mounted in a glass wall and the coat of arms looked pretty cool.


The last image for this post is of the Denmark Design Museum.  I imagine they have furnishings that look like the ones we purchase in the Scandinavian Designs stores in the USA.


If you’re viewing this post then you probably know something about Thursday Doors; if on the off-chance that you are not familiar with Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors, please check out his Thursday Doors website (link below) and read and view Norm’s current post (Norm always posts great shots of his doors) then ring the blue frog doorbell and the butler will usher you into the waiting room where you can peruse other door posts from around the world while you wait (hint – no one will come to get you but you can certainly post some doors of your own so we can see your contribution).

Thanks for visiting my blog and thanks to Norm 2.0 for his creation of the Thursday Doors blog.  For more blogs and photos of doors by others please go to: Thursday Doors.


10 thoughts on “Random Doors from Copenhagen

  1. I love doors that are placed on corners. It seems to give the building a more welcoming feel. I love the weathered dark wooden door in the middle of the post. It has such character. It looks like it has a story to tell.

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    1. Thanks, Dan! I think all doors have secrets behind closed doors but you are probably correct about the character of the old door. Most homes or buildings in Copenhagen were older buildings that were retained and renovated on the inside by their owners of each unit. The Danes and other Scandinavians favor minimalist interiors and furnishings so its really cool staying in those apartments.
      If you think these old doors have stories, what until I get to the Russian dachas that we passed on the road.

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  2. This is a great collection. I love the Havfruen door, the contrast of that wood against the black, and that ivy! — swoon!
    Coat of arms and dragon are also spectacular. I wonder if any US doors have dragons perching?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Deborah. It was a door that stood out among all of the canal restaurants. Hope you put this destination on your bucket list and visit it some day. I really enjoyed Copenhage in spite of the rainy weather but with the inclement weather came those awesome puffy white and stormy dark clouds that we seek for dramatic shots.

      Liked by 1 person

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