Frederik’s Church, Copenhagen

Taking photos of buildings and noticing how great they look but not having any clue about what they are is like reading a book by looking at the photos but not the words.  We walked past the magnificent looking domed building known as Frederik’s Church or “The Marble Church” on our walk to the Little Mermaid statute by Hans Christian Andersen and managed to get a photo but had no idea what it was.  When we joined our tour a couple of days later we learned that it was a church that King Frederik attended.

According to Wikipedia, the church’s design was probably inspired by St. Peter’s Basilica of Rome and was the largest domed church in Scandinavia.  It seems the construction started and then stalled by the death of the designer and budget problems and was left incomplete for 150 years before it was sold to Carl Frederik Tietgen for no actual money but with an agreement to complete the church as originally designed and then have it donated back in exchange for development rights to the surrounding neighborhood.  The history can found here: Church

The first photo is the church we saw from the sidewalk as we walked past (it was drizzling rain at the time).


Little did we know, our hotel would be a stone’s throw from this church and what was behind it.  Our tour took us to the place behind this church, Amalienborg Palace (one of the winter residences of the Danish Royal Families and guests built by Queen Sophie).  The Wikipedia link about this palace can be found here:  Amalienborg


From this huge Amalienborg Palace plaza, we could see the church that we passed by a couple of days earlier but from the perspective of the other side.  Had I known this palace was near the hotel I would have visited it to take more photos instead of the few quick ones I snapped while keeping up with the tour.


I mentioned the Little Mermaid statue so I guess it is fitting that I should post a photo or two of what we saw while there.


The last photo is of another church and waterway to the Kastellet, a 17th-century fortress near the Little Mermaid statue.

P6300269 Churchill Park Panorama, Copenhagen

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12 thoughts on “Frederik’s Church, Copenhagen

  1. Thanks, Deborah! The smart thing that we did was to go to Copenhagen a few days before we joined the tour to explore on our own. After we went to the Amalienborg Palace I wished I had discovered that on our map earlier because it was within walking distance and I could have done some night photos in that location. If we ever return to Copenhagen I’ll know better. 🙂


  2. That’s really lovely. The dome is magnificent. I agree about knowing the history as much as we can when we go. In my opinion, one of the best things about social media is that we can write, “I’m going to _____ this summer. Any tips or suggestions? What did you love? What should I see?” I’m not one for itineraries, but I love having a vague outline. Certain places must be terribly overwhelming in this way, trying to see or do 100 things in a short time.

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      1. Wow. Well I just meant in terms of places to see, not to photograph! You’re way ahead of me with prepping the light! lol
        Whatever you do to get the shots you do, it’s totally worth it!

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