The Old Denmark Stock Exchange

Last week, I posted a photo of a pair of wooden doors from a building with a statue of Neptune and couldn’t identify it correctly.  I thought it could have been a church because of the tall spire on top but suggested that I needed to do more research about it and Jesh StG advised me that Neptune would never be involved with a church.

Jesh was correct as I researched what building the door came from.  It turned out that the building was the Old Denmark Stock Exchange building built on the Dutch Renaissance style.  History reports that King Christian IV realized the importance of trade and commerce so he had the Old Stock Exchange built in 1625 surrounded by water on three sides with room for at least 40 market stalls.  Locating the building at the waterfront allowed ships to dock and unload their cargo into the building.

The roof was covered with lead but during the Swedish Occupation the lead was removed to make cannon balls and the holes were partly patched with tin and tile.  After many years the roof was replaced with copper.

The spire was designed as four intertwined dragon tails and the spire is topped by three crowns, symbolizing the Scandinavian empire (Denmark, Norway, and Sweden).  Quite an impressive building when seen from afar and close-up.

The Denmark Stock Exchange is the building on the left.


Closer views of the spire which are funny looking dragons.


Another side-door from the Denmark Stock Exchange.


The history of this building is found at this link: Denmark Stock Exchange .

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8 thoughts on “The Old Denmark Stock Exchange

    1. Thank you, Joanne! Perhaps a return visit is in your future. Copenhagen is a city of many spires and I had fun visiting that country.
      I wonder who the mystery host of TD will be tomorrow. Since I missed the deadline last week I have to get my post up earlier this week. 😉

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