June in October

This week, my wife hosted out of the country guests from China that she has known for many years and I was the lucky tour driver/guide.  It was their first trip to America and my wife considers them good family friends so we took them to one the best places that America had to offer.

Yosemite National Park was the destination and an extra mad dash for the Eastern Sierras to see the fall colors in an overnight trip was the plan!  Not my idea of a way to see Yosemite but I’ve visited the Louvre Museum in Paris in four hours, so why not?

We did the scenic routes in Yosemite but found the water flow had diminished dramatically from the early spring and the waterfalls were not as impressive as they can be but the majestic mountains did their stuff that people go there to see.  Our guests seemed impressed with Yosemite but we hoped to show them what nature does in the fall.  So after a night of sleep we got up early and drove to the Eastern Sierras to find the fall colors and lakes and then head home.  Our guests contracted the first impression syndrome at the sight of colorful trees when we exited Yosemite and I had to keep herding them back into the car telling them that we have some better locations ahead but since they didn’t understand much English my efforts got lost in transition (my wife did the translations but she, too was taking some photos of the colorful scenes).

Since they didn’t want to stop taking photos at every stop I had to revise our plans from visiting three different lake locations to one area and finally got to the June Lake Loop (there were four lakes in this area).  The fall colors were bursting out in this area so we had some good photo opportunities but my only complaint was that the sun was already high in the sky so the lighting was not good but we had to take the good with the bad.

We stopped at Silver Lake, one of my favorite lakes, and found the building for the boat concession with a door for this post.


The wooden door in close up view.


This is the view if you were looking out from the doorway.


And, this is the view at June Lake; I think all visitors to California would appreciate this view.


Thanks for visiting my post and thanks to Norm 2.0 for his creation of the Thursday Doors website.  For more posts and photos of doors by others please go to: Thursday Doors.


15 thoughts on “June in October

      1. ok – it will not be for a few years – but I have learned that some of us bloggers stick around – and back in 2014 I would not have imagined keeping in touch with blog friends in 2017 – so hey – I just might come back for some tips!!
        and we both know the valuable advice someone with experience with a place can offer – thanks and peace to you all

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    1. Thanks, Dan! You will get the colors but it is coming late this year. They are saying its a strange year as groves are changing on their own timetables; they report seeing green on one day and yellow and orange colors the next day or weeks. It must be beautiful in your area when that happens.

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