Mandela Door

Short post this week; still catching up on things and hoping to get back to normal someday.

Took my wife and her visiting friends from China to have lunch in the Mission; rice in pork tacos and burritos.  They looked at it and tasted it and devoured it!  It would appear that tacos and burritos might have a market in China!

After lunch we walked a few blocks in the Mission District of San Francisco to show them what this community looked like and I came across the Nelson Mandela door.

I think the painted image speaks for itself and provides inspiration to the many Hispanic people living in the Mission District.

20171101_122408 Mission Nelson Mandela Door

Thanks for visiting my post and thanks to Norm 2.0 for his creation of the Thursday Doors website.  For more posts and photos of doors by others please go to: Thursday Doors.


16 thoughts on “Mandela Door

  1. Mandela is a true hero! A nice benefit when you’re showing guests around and find a great door you might not have paid attention before.
    Serendipitously had a similar experience with our Dutch guests this week. Found out that having guests for a few days and blogging does not go well together:):)

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