“Sleight-of-Hand” Doors

Who doesn’t enjoy a magician using sleight-of-hand tricks to draw your attention away from the obvious?  That’s the best line I could come up with for the intro into my Thursday Doors submission this week; my doors should depict what I am saying.

It has been almost a year since my last trip home to Hawaii and I am preparing to return to visit my mother and celebrate her 92nd birthday.  When I returned from my visit last year I shared some doors that I found when I did a doorscursion and I still have some doors saved for a rainy day; now is a good time to dust off some of those saved doors for this post.

The Cafe Duck Butt!  I’m dying to check this place out (just googled this place and it’s a Korean Pub and Karaoke lounge) so maybe not.  The wall muralist(s) certainly caught my attention before I saw the entrance door and the sign did a sleight-of-hand trick, too!  Columns adorn the entry door of this former industrial building but the mural keeps drawing your attention away from the door.


This is the entry door if you can keep your eyes from looking at the mural to the right.


And just when you think you got a look at the door, here’s another perspective.


Now that the magician has your attention…


Did you see a door in the side of the building, above?  Well, if you don’t see it your eyes are not deceiving you; there is no door.

The next sleight-of-hand is this building’s mural.  If you look closely there is a door between the two bicycles; oh, and the pickup truck has a door, too!


The door in this building’s mural must be disguising itself as a bird house; at least that’s what the artist seems to be suggesting.


And finally. there are two doors here.  The graffiti almost does a great sleight-of-hand getting you to focus on the images rather than the door but getting you back into focus, the second door is the mail box.


If you found your way to this Thursday Doors post, it means you got past the slight-of-hand tricks by master door magician, Norm Frampton.  He is known to mesmerize door aficionados with his fantastic door images and interesting facts about them and if you’re not paying attention you could miss his blue frog doorbell that would transport you to the door portal of other door bloggers.  So go ahead and press the blue frog button and enjoy the posts of other door bloggers and post a door blog of your own, if you would like to show your sleight-of-hand trick.

Thanks for visiting my post and thanks to Norm 2.0 for his creation of the Thursday Doors website.  For more posts and photos of doors by others please go to: Thursday Doors.


15 thoughts on ““Sleight-of-Hand” Doors

    1. Thank you so much, Judy! Had to think awhile to get that title; sort of reminds me of my University of Hawaii days when writing my final term papers – I recall developing my thoughts and getting writer’s block on the title and then when I got the title down everything flowed. I guess that’s my approach to most things, get a caption then everything happens.
      Time passes quickly for the elderly and I’m hoping my mom is doing better, she went into a nursing home a few months ago; talking to her on the phone is difficult so this trip will be more special.

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  1. Those murals do detract from the doors. I thought I saw a door in that mural on the right, but I guess not.

    The name of the place is hilarious. I’d go. Don’t you think this place would be perfect for us after a day of photography and being POD’s?

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  2. This is a side of you I don’t know:) I liked the mural where the two bikes stand the most. And good you pointed out the door there – I would totally have missed it. Wow, your mother becomes 92 – impressive! Is still able to live on her own? Have a great time in Hawaii!

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    1. Thanks, Jesh! My mom was admitted to a nursing home a few months ago. My brother and sister said the care-giving requirements were getting too difficult for them to handle so this is my annual visit to see her; I’m hoping she is doing well.


  3. Happy you’re happy to return home. I hope you enjoy your visit.
    The doors are almost invisible because you’re right, my eyes want to focus on the murals. Bit of tipping the monitor back and forth, still couldn’t see the one between the bikes.
    Great share 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Joey! The door between the bikes was hidden very well; the door hardware was the clue when I saw it. I did the same thing on the Duck Butt Cafe’s side wall (looking close and back to make sure there was no door). If I have the time I’ll visit the neighborhood to see if there are more murals and doors; I know they just demolished a shopping center in that area to make way for more high-rises so the island continues to morph and sometimes not in a good way.

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  4. Super artwork, there, and clever exploration of the theme. 🙂 I would almost HAVE to visit Cafe Duck Butt. Makes me think of those hairstyles boys wore in the 50s (not THEIR 50s, THE 50s) with a little pointy bit sticking out at the nape. My husband called them DA haircuts, short for Duck’s Ass.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol, I am from the 50s (born) and I remember the duck tail haircuts. Haven’t heard that in a long time! Thanks for likng my post; the Kakaako area has undergone a lot of transformation and I was happy to see these wall murals dress up the old industrial buildings. I will do more exploring next month.

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