Rhyolite, Historic Gold Mining Ghost Town

Last month, I was doing some photography in Death Valley and we decided to stop at a ghost town named Rhyolite, just outside the town of Beatty.  I had not visited this place before but one of our well-known Thursday Doors blogger, Deborah, recommended it to me.

The town was established in 1905 when prospectors, Shorty Harris and Ed Cross found gold (in 1904) and it was developed over several years.  In 1906 Tom Kelly built a 3-room bottle house to raffle off and the winning family lived there for several years.  Most recently, it served as a curio shop.

A school was erected in 1909, Rhyolite’s second school, but by the time it was completed the students had left the town due to the downturn.  Other building ruins in the town are the Overbury Building erected in 1907 for banking and business, Porter Brothers’ Store erected in 1906, Cook Bank Building erected in 1908 which housed a bank and the Post Office, the Las Vegas & Tonopah Depot erected in 1909 (3 railroads), and a residence ( a 2-room cabin) built as a residence but later it was thought to be used as a brothel.  The history reports that people started leaving the town in 1910 when gold production dropped and by 1920 the population was estimated to be only 14 people.

These are photos of the Tom Kelly Bottle House which had 3 doors.

In the yard, there were some miniature bottle houses.

Following, are some random shots of the town’s ruins and railcar (many lost their doors).

It was a fun place to photograph and if I return I hope to do some night photography there.

Thanks for visiting my post and thanks to Norm 2.0 for his creation of the Thursday Doors website.  For more posts and photos of doors by others please go to: Thursday Doors.

10 thoughts on “Rhyolite, Historic Gold Mining Ghost Town

  1. Oh, I forgot about the little bottle houses out there! I liked those and wanted to bring a couple home. HEHEHEHE! I love miniature houses!

    You got more history from the place than I did. Thank you for that it’s interesting.

    Hope I’m free to go and get some night shooting in. I always thought it would be a cool spot. We tried one night Dali, T, Alex and I, but there was too much light pollution coming from a residence there.

    Liked by 1 person

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