SF Victorians

It seems that when you miss a post it becomes easier to make excuses to miss more posts unless you’re a dedicated Thursday Doors blogger.  While I tried to keep up with the Thursday Doors posts, I must confess that I’ve fallen so far behind that I’ll have to be an intermittent Thursday Doors visitor and blogger for the foreseeable future.

I’ll keep it simple for this post.  I had some business in San Francisco the other week and came across some restored Victorian homes that I wanted to share but the deadline for last week’s post came up too quickly and I couldn’t get it done in time so I’ll just post the few images and cropped sections of their doors.  I took the photos with my cell phone camera so the cropped door images are not very sharp but perhaps you’ll enjoy viewing the restored buildings which are quite esquisite.





Thanks for visiting my post and thanks to Norm 2.0 for his creation of the Thursday Doors website.  For more posts and photos of doors by others please go to: Thursday Doors.

21 thoughts on “SF Victorians

  1. I’ve never been to SF, but these doors make me want to visit there… even more that I do already. The colors on the houses look perfect to me. Nice photos.


  2. Did you play around with the colour/brightness on the cropped images too? I always have trouble with photographing doors in shadows. These turned out alright considering they’re just from a phone – the first one especially.

    I’m a bit the same – Thursday always creeps up on me a bit too soon! I’ll have to schedule a few posts ahead of time…

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    1. Thanks, Pistachios! Yes, after cropping the images to show the doors I did have to brighten, adjust contrast, sharpen and reduce noise since my older cellphone does not capture the best details from a distance. The restored Victorians almost always look fantastic, though. 🙂

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  3. Always lovely to see. I had a friend from SF, and she literally had a poster framed, “Doors of San Francisco.” When we shared a house, she hung it in our entry. She’s no longer with us, but everything San Francisco makes me think of her fondly, among other things. I appreciate this collection for her, and because #ThursdayDoors 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Joey. Sorry that you lost a friend and thank you for the honor of sparking a remembrance of her. Maybe someday I’ll come across that poster. When I was in Shanghai, China in 2016, I walked into a Chinese Photographer’s gallery and he had a poster size photo of doors he photographed too (it was really “neat” to see). I think Norm should compile some of the great photos you dedicated TD bloggers post and make that into a poster or maybe a year end review of the best of what he saw on his website.

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    1. Thanks, Marian! They are beautiful homes but if you choose to live in SF these days, bring a ton of money with you. I’ve heard/seen stories of people buying these homes, renovating them and then because many do not have garages, they have to lift the homes and install garages that cost more the $200,000. Crazy world!


  4. Beautiful doors – maybe you can give me some tips on which neighborhoods to go to in San Fran, if we happen to go there again! Was this your last post? (am confused) jesh

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  5. Hi Jesh, This wasn’t my last post on this WordPress site. There are many places to see Victorians in SF; give a heads up if you plan a trip to SF.

    I just got back from Hawaii and Shanghai last Saturday; 20 day trip to visit my mom then to visit my mother in law in China.


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